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Noa and Sabina at Luna Park, Buenos Aires

ideo by fans, during the concert at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, last Sept. 3rd, 2014. The first one by Marcela Greco and the second one by Rayo Azar (gracias!).

In the first clip, Noa and Sabina sing “A la Sombra de un Leon” (Joaquin Sabina’s song)

In the second clip, Noa and Joaquin Sabina are dueting Noa’s song You-Tu, entirely in Spanish. Sabina has also done a beautiful introduction to Noa and Gil Dor..gracias Joaquin!!!!

The song You-Tu, is recorded together with Joaquin Sabina on Noa’s latest album Love Medicine.

Translation here below:

One is a curious person, and likes to get into places where some people do not want me to go for reasons that have nothing to do with the songs and with people but with governments and wars. One does not sing for governments but for people. And sometimes in those trips you fall in love, one falls in love with some people. And if you meet great artists who did not know or just knew little … and establishes a relationship of friendship and complicity. There is a great lady of song in Tel Aviv that I met with Serrat the last time we were there. Then I started to listen to her and started to admire her, I began to know her. Of course she is a peace activist and for the two states solution, as all good people. A few months after I met her she called me one night by phone and told me she had written a song for her and for me, to sing it together. it was written in English and was a beauty. I translated very freely to spanish, a language that she does not dominate but in which we will sing it for the first time tonight for you.



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