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The Race - Letters to Bach - Lyrics

Lyrics: Noa (Achinoam Nini)

Music: invention number 1, Johann Sebastian Bach

This is a ditty by Johanne Sebastian Bach,

It’s very pretty in the way it sways my heart

Now look, a melody will start, and send an arrow or a dart, into an unsuspecting heart,

while cupid plays his classic part,

and then…

The other melody will start a race that puts a smile upon my face that I can’t seem to erase..

Oh Mr Bach, you blow my mind!

Though I may search I’ll never find

a way to understand that race,

The way your melodies embrace,

Like lovers do, so deep so true,

And then they start a-new,

To chase each other and to imitate and emulate and dive..

I’m getting dizzy but oh God..this makes me feel alive!

Like lovers anywhere on earth,

Your melodies will sometimes fight..

But after tears, there is re-birth,

And you find ways to make things right..

Those melodies are you and me,

We trip and fall, we’re blind we see,

We thank the gods that we are free!


Our melodies have found their home,

and so must we, and say: Shalom


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