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The Israeli Songbook

“The Israeli Songbook” Is a collection of classic Hebrew songs performed by Noa and Gil Dor together with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. In this beautiful album, Gil and Noa pay homage to some of the songs that have inspired them personally and molded Israeli culture and consciousness for the past 50 years. The deep, poetic lyrics and the beautiful compositions represent the best the Hebrew language’s musical tradition has to offer.

The invitation from the prestigious Israel Festival to collaborate with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, and the fact that Gil and Noa are celebrating 20 years of career, served as impetus for the whole project. The basic arrangements were done by Noa and Gil, and Gil and Maestro Ilan Mochiach are responsible for the orchestral arrangements. Ilan Mochiach conducts the orchestra. It was the goal of the artists to raise these beautiful songs to the highest possible level, in the tradition of the classic “standard” tunes. On this album, Noa’s voice soars in some of the finest performances of her career.

March 2011


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