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Letters to Bach

Noa (Achinoam Nini) Letters to Bach Album Cover

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About Letters to Bach

“Letters to Bach” was born from a deep admiration for the genius of Johann Sebastian Bach. Our first encounter with Bach as songwriters was 25 years, when I wrote non-religious lyrics to the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria, and Gil arranged it in a special way, almost like a folk song. This Prayer for Peace became one of our most important songs.

Now, many years later, we dedicate an entire project to JSB, where our major contribution to his amazing music is in the lyrics and the very contemporary ideas presented in them, the fact that I am singing these songs that were not written for voice, and the way I sing them: very accurate and strictly “Bach” but not with the traditional “classical” way of producing the voice.

My singing is more reminiscent of musical theater, scatting and even rap, than opera. I feel these three things create something new, enjoyable and very accessible to people, while at the same time conveying deep and meaningful ideas very relevant to our time and kneeling before the genius if Bach. In addition, in a world full of “fake” everything, where Meritocracy is attacked and quality is devalued, it is my personal rebellion to go as high up as possible, to JSB , the Everest of music, and challenging the listener while at the same time hoping to delight her/him.

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