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Oh Mama Dear (Enea’s song) - Letters to Bach - Lyrics

Lyrics: Noa (Achinoam Nini)

Music: two part invention number 13 Johann Sebastian Bach

Oh mama dear do not expect me to comply,

I’m in the middle of a “story”!

My body’s doing things I can’t understand

My mind is banging like a big bright brass band

As for my mouth, well

As we can both tell,

It’s making Bolt look slow….!

Oh mama dear don’t ask me to calm down, I can’t!

I try to answer you politely , then I rant!

Believe me this is nothing I can control!

And besides the both of us are playing our role,

You are trying to save me from myself,

It’s for my own health,

And then we both yell,

Until we sound like sirens rushing to a fire..!

Oh mama dear there is so much that you can’t see,

I’m locked into a loop and everything is me,

I’m taught to think that I can tear the world apart,

And every selfie is a stunning work of art!

Oh mama dear, it’s very clear we’re lost inside

A world that tells us that the other is a thing we need to buy

That global warming is a joke at best, or a blatant lie

And plastic islands floating in the sea are far away so why,

Why worry?

Oh mama dear, just look at me,

I’m smarter than you’ll ever be!

Got a heart of gold, I’m brave and bold I’ll save the world like mommy’s girl,

Common now, mama…

Let’s just hold each other very tight

And say good night…..

(good night, mama…)


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