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Nothing But a Song - Love Medicine

Your eyes say all that your mouth cannot say

And I, I want to fly

Fly like the birds over the lake

In the early dawn

With nothing on my mind

Nothing but a song.

Your hands

Say all that your head will not dare

And I, I want to cry,

Cry out your name into the night…

Till the early dawn

With nothing on my lips,

Nothing but a song.

Wake up and see me, I’m right here beside you

Or over the ocean in some foreign land

Where’s there’s sand and there’s sand

Or I’m high in a tower with cars down below

Or I’m deep in the snow

Here again I’m beside you, my heart seeking out

your embrace

Though I don’t really know you, I see in your face

There is goodness, a child playing ball in the street

dreaming always of dolphins…

Your smile

Is all that the world can’t destroy

And we, we want to see

Though all the pain, and all the tears…

All that has gone wrong..

With nothing in our hearts…

Nothing but a song.


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