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Noa & Mira Awad-There Must Be Another Way

Throughout my career i have had the privilege of working with many well-known artists, including some of my childhood heroes. In the process i have been challenged and awed, inspired and baffled, surprised and humbled.

Working with Mira Awad has brought the term ‘collaboration’ to a whole new dimension.

There is nothing obvious or glamorous about the road we’ve chosen to follow. There’s nobody at the sidelines throwing flowers. Yet despite the difficulties, the different backgrounds and perspectives and the omnipresent pain forever threatening to engulf us, our resonance is so deep it often takes my breath away.

In a world of overwhelming mediocrity, of tainted principles and hollow words, of cynicism and egoism, Mira is a ray of light: a multi-talented free spirit, an indefatigable idealist, a fearless artist. She is unique in every sense of the word, waving her radiant smile defiantly against the bearers of doom, as beautiful inside as she is to behold.

Mira, it is an honor to create, perform and dream at your side.



Most friendships don’t have to endure challenges and ordeals. Ours was put through some of the most brutal tests. It was constantly challenged by the painful events of our bleeding region. It was doubted by others, suspected to be artificial and interest-driven. There have been attempts to injure it and break it apart. Many have tried to analyze it, categorize it, force it into simplistic molds, others tried to take advantage of it, use it for their own goals. But this friendship endured it all, and kept surprising everyone, including ourselves. Achinoam, I am blessed to have met you, and honored to have joined forces with you. thank you for the great generosity you’ve shown me since we met 8 years ago, for the inspiration you give, and most importantly for your precious friendship. Mira Awad

May 2009


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