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Noa in the Münchner-Merkur Newspaper, Munich, Germany

Dear friends, yesterday our German agent Gaby Eckhardt sent us a review we got after our show in Munich that took place a few dyas ago. reading it i thought: wow, this just might be the best thing anyone ever wrote about me in my 26 year career :). i am proud to share it with you 🙂

To dare the impossible Noa enthralls with her concert at the Prinzregententheater If you want to explain what exactly makes Achinoam Nini, known as Noa, an extraordinary artist, you could say: This woman dares to approach the unlikely, even the impossible.And she manages to accomplish the unlikely and the impossible. She makes the audience in the sold out Prinzregententhater in Munich sing in Hebrew, she sings a religious song that is reserved for men and accompanies herself with tin boxes. She uses a newspaper as a drum set, sings „There must be another way“ as a duet with herself in three languages, and in the end she makes you believe that peace in the middle east just might be possible. Apart from the fact that the 47 years old yemenite jew has sung for three popes – Noa is a phenomenon, in every possible way. First of all she is a musical event. With her tender yet strong soprano she strolls with effortless naturalness through the most different idioms , always sounding at home. She sound best and moves the most when she sings the old songs from the country of her ancestors. But with Noa it is not jus about the music. The woman has a message, , a stance. You can’t duck away from ignorance, racism, nationalism, war. To stand up against all this, to fight it, that is what matters – with Noa this is not just a pose. The artist glows from within and she manages to create good vibrations with Blues. As a woman and as a Jew, she says, you evidently have the blues in your blood. And Palestinians have the blues. Europe is not doing so well, either, and Africa – oh my God, when was the last day in Africa without Blues? Roaring applause after two hours of Noa magic and the strange feeling that everything will be all right again. As long as someone like Noa exists. (Zoran Gojic in „Münchner Merkur“)



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