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Lullaby - Genes & Jeans

Words and music: Noa and Gil Dor

Sleep little baby don’t you fret

mamma’s gonna say a little prayer

then mama’s gonna get some masking tape

and fix the hole in the ozone layer

Sleep little angel, baby dove

sun’s gone down, it’s getting late

mamma’s got her chicken soup of love

for the bad old world is sick with hate

Wish that I could give you child

all the beauty I have seen

all the nature growing wild

far from your computer screen

Who knows what the world will be,

angel child, when your are grown,

mamma’s gonna sing you a melody

that you can humm when you’re alone

Now you’re in you’re cozy bed,

sleep little angel, drop of mud,

there’s a journey in your head

and desert winds blow in your blood

Wicked wolf and wicked world

howling in the moonless sky

but mamma’s here to fend them off

hush little baby, don’t you cry

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