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Look at Me - Letters to Bach - Lyrics

Lyrics: Noa

Music: largo form concert no/5 for piano in f minor, by Johann Sebastian Bach

Look at me, across the border

Beyond the wall,

Look at me, the way you would observe yourself in life’s broken mirror

No, I refuse to bow,

To those who say

The world is changing now,

And as it changes there’s no way,

To see the other like a child lost in the loneliest night,

Those who’d sentence us to fear, and fight….

Here, is a woman in labour,

Her child will soon be born but who knows if he’ll find favor in the eyes of those who rule and Rampage, who dominate the earth and skies..with words of hate they close the gates of hope….

Come, we cannot let them blind us,

For every woman in this world knows what it’s like when they cripple and bind us,

Forever searching and waiting and anticipating

We ask ourselves when,

We ask again and again, when will we finally find freedom?

Look, there is a crack and it’s growing,

There is a light and it’s glowing ,

Through the sorrow, beyond the tears, beyond tomorrow,

There must be something more that we can do,

I can see you , your beauty shows, beyond your weakness and pain , it glows…

The morning is near, now,

As the stars disappear,

We’ll shatter this wall, we’ll watch it fall,

Together sister we can…..

Come, give me your hand...


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