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Little Lovin’ - Letters to Bach - Lyrics

Lyrics: Noa (Achinoam Nini)

Music: two part invention number 4, Johann Sebastian Bach

Little lovin’, just a little lovin’

That is all I need

Yes indeed,

Little lovin’ just a little lovin’,

And i’ll start believing in the lord above,

And all those stories ‘bout that man, the arc, the dove,

Moses bringing those tablets of ten,

Love for all women and men,

I don’t need all of humanity, all I need is you!

You, you, you!

You make me feel the world is not a basket case,

When through my tears I see your smiling face,

A little lovin’, just some love and passion,

And I’ll see the world in optimistic fashion,

Though it seems that we are losin’,

I can’t connect to what the world is choosin’,

I’d resurrect a simple way of lovin’,

Minus push and shovin’,

ooooh! The angels sing!

A little love, bring it in,

A little lovin’, just a little lovin’,

How elementary…!

Little lovin’, just a little lovin’ every night and day,

The anger melts away,

Common, let’s put our weapons down,

Erase the fear the frown,

And let the sun shine in.


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