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Love Medicine

Love Medicine is Noa’s 14th studio album, together with her long time musical collaborator, guitarist arranger and producer Gil Dor. The title expresses Noa and Gil’s belief that music, when it is made honestly and lovingly, is medicine for the soul.

This album showcases Noa’s excellent songwriting and the rare beauty of her voice, both at their very best.

The collection includes songs inspired by interesting people and places, like “Nothing but a Song” and Happy Song”, inspired by Milton Nacimento and Joao Bosco, a Hebrew version of the Gilberto Gil song called “peace”(all three are tribute to Brazil and its great artists) , a gorgeous new tune by Pat Metheny, that Noa wrote lyrics to (a poetic sketch of the man and his genius!) and a duet with the great Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquin Sabina, whom Gil and Noa admire greatly . Noa wrote the song “you” for Sabina after meeting him in his home in Madrid, where she was amazed by his personality, his poetry and his fantastic love for books, which they both share. The album also includes two covers: one is the great classic Bangles song “eternal flame”, co-written by ,and dedicated to, Noa’s friend Billy Steinberg. The other is a less known but absolutely lovely song by Bobby McFerrin, whom Noa had the honor of sharing the stage with last year. In addition, you will find five songs that Noa and Gil wrote originally for a musical about the life of Pope John Paul II. The musical never made it, but the songs are some of the best the duo has ever written. Who could have guessed that a Jewish, Yemenite, Israeli girl from the Bronx would be called upon to write music depicting the life story of a young Polish priest who, almost despite himself, would become the most powerful leader of the Catholic World? Noa and Gil found many inspiring episodes in the life story of Karol Wojtyla: the loss of his mother at a young age (“don’t be afraid of anything”), an adolescent love with a Jewish young woman (“look at the moon”), many doubts about his future (“love as deep as your eyes”), and a traumatic experience in WW II where he lost close friends and helped save the lives of others.. (“Little star”). The last song on the album, also from the musical, is Noa’s message to her listeners, one she has carried with her throughout her career, the torch by which she lives her life and hopes others will choose to do as well: “love your brother, and sister, as you love yourself”.

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