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El Ha Maayan - Genes & Jeans

Hebrew lyrics: Yaakov Kamzon

Hebrew music: traditional

English lyrics and music: Noa and Gil Dor

El Ha Maayan

Ba Gdi, Ba Gdi Katan,

El Ha Maayan,

Ba Gdi Katan…

Ha Shalom Lo

Le Lavan Ben Betuel?

U Leh Rachel…

To the well came a little lamb,

I asked him, is peace upon Lavan Ben Betuel?

and what of Rachel?

Note from Noa:

This song is a very well loved Hebrew folk song, based on the biblical story of Jacob and Rachel.

Jacob saw rachel the shepardess near a well with her flock and immediately fell in love with her. he moved an enormous rock from the mouth of the well to enable her livestock to drink

of the water.

When he asked Lavan Ben Betuel, her father, for her hand in marriage, Lavan agreed to give her away only if Jacob would work seven years in his service.

Jacob agreed, but after seven years of hard labor, Llavan informed Jacob that he would first have to marry Leah, Rachel’s older sister, and then work seven more years for Rachel.

Jacob’s love was so strong that he agreed to this as well, and after fourteen years, finally married his Rachel, a testimony to true love.

All the English text in this track is a one-take improvisation done in the studio.

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