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Dala Dala - Genes & Jeans

Grandma Rachel, 85 years old sings dala dala (interlude)

Words and music: Noa and Gil Dor

Yemenite part traditional

I have to breath

I have to stop and breathe

other wise I’ll buckle at the knees.

otherwise I’ll freeze.

I have to count to ten,

Wachad, Tnen,

then once again

oh god, there isn’t time

Achat, U-Shtayim

three, four,

my heart, the door.

Sahar Sheh Ala

the rising moon

Dala Dala Ya Rashal

slowly, slowly my love

La Yismaouk Ali

so they don’t hear you!

Wiyetaleuk Al Chebus

for if they do they’ll throw you in jail

Wiyesamsemu Chali

and my throat will be slit!

I have to run

I know I have to run

I can hear the beating of the drum

but my legs are numb

I have to count to ten…

love and death

the sweetness of your breath

the perfume of your skin

death and love

the water and the flames

the echo of our names

the promise in your eyes for which I yearn

Dala Dala…

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