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Anything Goes - Afterallogy - Lyrics

Anything Goes

Lyrics and Music: Cole Porter

Additional lyrics: Noa (Achinoam Nini)

In olden days a glimpse of stocking

was looked at as something shocking, now heaven knows..

Anything goes!

Good authors too, who once knew better words,

Now only use four letter words writing prose…

Anything knows!

If driving fast cars you like

If low bars you like

If old hymns you like

If bare limbs you like

If Mae West you like

Or me undressed you like,

Well, nobody gonna oppose!

So though I’m not a great romancer,

I know that you’re bound to answer when I propose

Anything goes!

(oooo, my Corona growing inside of me…)

The world has gone mad today,

And good’s bad today

And black’s white today

And wrong’s right today

And that gent today

You gave a cent today

Once had several chateaus.

When folks whose aches are not fake see

Multi millionaires ask for tax breaks and free “I owes”..

Anything goes….

If red-haired T who, lies and blunders

Whose brain is in constant slumbers

Pretends he knows..

Anything goes!

If Blue haired B, who’s far form dumb

Goes and uses old T to run

From his courtroom woes

Anything goes!

Just think of those shocks you’ve got

And those knocks you’ve got

And those blues you’ve got

From those news you’ve got

And those pains you’ve got

If any brains you’ve got

From those silly TV shows…

So think again, it’s not infectious,

Think of those things connecting us, friends and foes..

Anything goes!


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