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Achinoam Nini

This album was my first attempt at lyric writing in Hebrew, all original, without leaning on the strong pillars of fine poetry. All the songs were written, arranged and produced

in Israel by Gil and myself with the exception of “Aval Ahava” (“But Love”) that is a poem by Meir Vizeltier to which we wrote music.

We also added “Niga el Hachalom” (“To Touch the Dream”) by Shalom Hanoch, a song we recorded in memory of our assassinated Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. The song “Boker”, which appears on our new album “Blue Touches Blue”, appears here in its original version, as does “On and On”, in its Hebrew version. It was released only in Israel but has since been “smuggled” across the border to fans all over the world, who couldn?t wait for the next international release… It's a beautiful album we?re very proud of, and I really think it was the stem from which “Blue Touches Blue”eventually blossomed.

April 1997


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