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A Pair - Letters to Bach - Lyrics

Lyrics: Noa (Achinoam Nini)

Music: Siciliana, Johann Sebastian Bach

Aren’t we really a pair?

Aren’t we perfectly set into tune

I go around in circles

You follow, sometimes losing site of where i’m going

But your love remains unchanged

Listen, I’ll sing you to sleep

Listen, I’ll tell you how deeply I appreciate your love and caring

You are wearing all the smiles I gave to you

Waves of you

Keep pounding at my shore

See how they tantalize and lure me

In the maze we’ve chosen to exist in

I will stand beside you

Follow you and guide you

Tell you softly how I love you..

Aren’t we really a pair?

Aren’t we crazy to constantly revolve around each other

Though it seems impossible to love you,

I could never love another

Build a home and have a small family

Day in day out it’s the flower of life so

Come sweetly

Come strongly

My one and only one true love.

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