Letters to Bach

was born from a deep admiration for the genius of Johann Sebastian Bach...

The Israeli Songbook

is a collection of classic Hebrew songs performed together with Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Noa & Mira Awad- There Must Be Another Way


Napoli-Tel Aviv

Our romance with Napoli began  when we began to travel throughout the south of Italy

Noa Gold

Collection of 19 Best Songs Released in Spain including duets wt J-M Serrat, C Nunez, M Bose

First Collection

Collection of songs in Hebrew from the first ten years of our career

Achinoam Nini & the Israel

Philharmonic Orchestra



was written in a very tumultuous time in our lives, both internally and externally

Achinoam Nini and Gil Dor

Leah and Rachel are Biblical mothers, they are also mothers of the revival of Hebrew poetry

Love Medicine

music, when it is made honestly and lovingly, is medicine for the soul...


is a project of Neapolitan songs performed by Noa, Gil Dor, Zohar Fresco & the Solis String Quartet

Genes & Jeans

This album was born from my wish to seek and revive the Yemenite songs

Noa Live with

Solis Strings Quartet



was written “under the influence” of my pregnancy and birth, and during the first year of Ayehli’s life

Blue Touches Blue

I am so so happy with this album, so proud of it. It took a long time to make

Achinoam Nini

This album was my first attempt at lyric writing in Hebrew, all original


Our first encounter with Pat Metheny, who produced the album

Achinoam Nini and

Gil Dor Live