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Achinoam Nini & the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

This project was a true celebration. The “Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra” offered us the opportunity to participate in their special concert series titled “The Philharmonic in Jeans”. We were very excited about the proposal because we always felt our music had strong classical elements that would lend themselves naturally and beautifully to a symphonic environment.

Gil approached Ilan Mochiach ,a fantastic musician and long time friend, who agreed to take upon himself the task of arranging a selection of our songs for orchestra and conducting. This project would never have gotten off the ground without Ilan. He did an incredible job, sensitive and tasteful and brilliant, creating a beautiful bridge between the orchestra and ourselves. In addition to our originals, I decided to embrace some new challenges:” Shir Mishmar”, a haunting Israel classic arranged by Gil, “My Funny Valentine”, and finally “Glitter and Be Gay”, a crazy aria from Leonard Bernstein?s opera “Candide”, that demands some serious coloratura singing. My wonderful voice teacher, Hanna HaCohen, introduced me to the song and worked on it with me with a unique mixture of patience and passion. The result was magical. With this album we?ve come full circle, for like our first, it was recorded live, no second chance, one unforgettable night, but this time with a huge orchestra on stage and a couple of thousand people in the hall. A testimony to the wonderful road Gil and I have had the honor of travelling.

 April 1998

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