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Quincy Jones Writes About Noa

The Great Quincy Jones has written a few lines about Noa and we would like to share them with you…

“My baby-sister Achinoam Nini has been in my life since 2002 when I brought her to the World Economic Forum in New York (right after 9/11) to sing “Imagine” with an Arab Algerian star in a prayer for peace. She is a 360 degree human being who politically or otherwise always lives by the truth! We have worked together countless times and she has become part of my extended family. Noa is beautiful both inside and out; she has a heart AND a mind! Her talent is no joke and her live performance is nothing short of the top of the international crop! Together we have worked on many initiatives to make the world a better place and as both musician and humanitarian she makes my soul smile.” — Quincy Jones June 17th, 2014



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