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Noa (Achinoam Nini) Underwater Shoot for “Love Medicine”

Dear friends, here is a short documentary clip about the underwater photo session we did for Love Medicine! The man responsible for this act of foolishness on my part is one of my best friends, Michel Braunstein, who’s day job is high tech, but whose passion is anything under the blue…he shoots national-geographic quality photos of marine life and has been trying to get me to “jump in the water” for years :-).. I discovered I have a hard time with scuba gear, it frightens me, but, I feel natural in water and can hold my breath and feel relaxed for considerably long periods of time…. Doing the photo shoot was a great experience for us. the entire staff gave of their time and energy extremely generously, especially Michel, who worked days and nights to get it all together. Bravo Micheli! Special thanks to David Yoshpeh for patiently and professionally making the clip, and to Doron Edut for the beautiful graphic design. Sharon Rainis – Model adviser + Photographer assistant + Mermaid Johannes Felten – Underwater “making of” stills and video David Pilosof – Above the water “making of” video Doron Cohen – Lighting + above the water “making of” stills Shelly Leon – Make-up Yael and Itai Tal – Swimming pool’s owners Enjoy 🙂



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