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Noa & The Solis String Quartet – Yuma (Live in Israel, 2005)

This first DVD of Noa documents a live concert which took place in Holon, Israel in April 2005. Since the end of the official “Now” album tour in August 2003 Noa have solidified a beautiful and extraordinary musical collaboration and friendship with the magnificent “Solis String Quartet” from Naples.

Quoting Noa’s words. “We started preparing string arrangements for our songs, some written by Gil, others by Solis and some adapted by Solis from Ilan Mochiach, our symphonic arranger. We covered a wide range of songs from all our albums and were delighted with the outcome. We feel that this new setting: guitar, percussion by the amazing Zohar Fresco and Strings, brings out both the “classical”, harmonic and melodic nature of our music and its rhythmic feel in full color.”



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