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Noa in MITO/Prix Italia, with Orchestra Nazionale della RAI in Torino

Noa, Gil Dor and Ilan Mochiach together with the Orchestra Nazionale della RAI, Opening gala concert of Prix Italia, closing night of prestigious MITO Festival, Two important cultural events, International Peace Day, Noa is honored by the audience in Torino and receives a prize for her humanity and musicianship. In the audience, the president of RAI Italia and the mayor of Torino, together with a long list of prestigious guests and a very loving audience. A great night for Noa, who was ill and almost lost her voice just two days before! She was cured by a dedicated medical staff, by staying quiet, by the beauty of Torino and by a great deal of Love Medicine from her family, friends and fans …!

Noa sings Uri

Noa sings “Zecharia, Gedalya & Miriam”

Noa sings “Mishaela”

Noa sings “Rachel Rising from the Desert”

Noa sings “Bereshit”

Noa sings “Yuma”

Noa sings “Three Days”

Noa sings “Little Star”

Noa sings “Look at the Moon”

Noa sings “Child of Man”

Noa sings the Neapolitan song “Era di Maggio”

Noa sings the Neapolitan song “Tammuriata Nera”

Noa sings “Keren Or”

Noa sings “Chicken Coop Aria”



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