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Noa in Concert for KlangART 2021 - The Israeli Songbook

We had the pleasure of recording a live show in my studio, for the KlangArt Vision festival from Sachsen-Aanhalt, in honor of 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany. Soo great to be making music in the midst of all the fighting and the anger, despite Corona and against all odds...

With Gil Dor and myself, Nitzan Canetti, Gili Radian-Sade, Gil Rivkin and Gal Nyska .., the" Love Quartet" (when they're not ours they all play in the Israel Philharmonic).

Together with Guy Yaffe and Gad Torrefranca on sound and my dear Michel Braunstein on cameras. I feel so lucky to know all these amazing people!!



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