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Noa, Gil Dor and the Solis String Quartet in the Diego Maradona Stadium in Naples

Dear friends, Happy to share the video of last night's performance in the Diego Maradona Stadium of Naples. It was pure joy. Huge thanks to Aurelio de Laurentiis, the president of the team, for calling last week to invite me. Grazie to my friends the Solis Quartet for being with me, to the eternal Gil, to Pompeo Benincasa , Ofer Pesenzon, Maria and the production group and everyone involved. And of course, to the incredible Vivi Belaish for the dress! ❤️ What an experience! I wish I could invite all the people in the stadium to spend a few days with me up north in Arona later this month, in Noa's Ark Festival!! (Italian) + (English)


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