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Noa – Eye In The Sky

Here is our version of “Eye in the sky” (from Alan Parsons Project), recorded 10 years ago exactly, with Gil, Zohar fresco (percusion), Adi Renert (piano) and the Solis String Quartet. It touches my heart, not only for the beautiful arrangement and exceptional playing of all wonderful musicians, but above all, for the lyrics and their sad interpretation. The song’s very unique approach was drawn from a deep sense of introspection and self-analysis, that always (should) bring one to a sense of greater humility, often melancholic, which is incentive for growth.i wish my people, my country, my government, would do the same. for it is with great melancholy that we exist today, and only with the courage to look inwards, and project outwards, just as the song does, can we emerge to hopefully find a better day.



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