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Noa with Dalaras and Dulce Pontes at the Acropolis, Athens (Video and Photo Gallery)

Noa performed, with Giorgios Dalaras and Dulce Pontes at the Acropolis in Athens for the event “A musical journey around the Mediterranean Sea” on Sept. 29th 2014. See below a clip of one of the song interpreted by the three artists (thanks to Exarre for this clip. See also, lower on this page, the images of the rehearsal in studio and the sound check at the Acropolis. Photos thanks to Agni Dounavi. And finally another beautiful series of images shot during the concert itself by photographer Maro Chrisanthopoulou.

Photo gallery: Studio and sound-check images by Agni Dounavi – Concert images by Maro Chrisanthopoulou


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