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Communicate, Communicate…

Here we see an example of a typical conversation I have had more and more often in the past months, with some people in Israel who call me a traitor and a hater of my country, because I am critical of the government and work for peace. These people are not bad, they are simply brainwashed and mislead by a biased education, warped religious interpretations and above all: the media, who, as we all know, are excellent at distorting the truth , creating sensations at all cost and flaunting “blood and gore”, rather than promoting peace and understanding. As you can see, we started out with high octaves and unpleasant words (on his part), and ended up hugging. The moral of the story is: two people face to face, can almost always solve their problems with respectful communication…which makes you wonder, what happens when people group themselves into “teams”…nations, religions, etc…and let “leaders” take over…why is it then so much more difficult?? I firmly hold that open minded dialogue is the only way to bridge gaps between people, and is our only chance of changing our grim reality.



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