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Blue Touches Blue Concert in Brussels – Belgium

These video clips are part of Noa’s concert at Palais des Beaux Arts (Brussels, Belgium) in 2000 introducing the album & world tour “Blue Touches Blue”.

Arrangements, Musical Directions & guitars: Gil Dor. Drums & Percussions: Zohar Fresco. Keyboards: Gil Zohar Bass: Hagar Ben-Ari

Noa’s live performance of her song “Blue Touches Blue” (included on her french edition of the album Blue Touches Blue).

“Keren Or” (מזמור לילה)

“Can I reach you?”


“The Beauty of That”



“Explain the night”

“If I give you everything”

“Si je m’abandonne a toi”: French version of “If I give you everything”

“Beautiful That Way” (La vita è bella)


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