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Marion S. Jacobson , The Washington Post, US

“Noa crafts songs so impossibly perfect you wonder if they didn’t fall from the sky like some rare Israeli rainstorm”

Billboard Album Reviews, US

“There’s a word for this, but it doesn’t do it justice: Beautiful”

Fanny Guiné, Le Journal de la Montagne, France

“Her pure voice tone, her complicity with her artistic director and guitarist, Gil Dor, transports the spectator into her world, the one where music gives love”

Redazione Contenuti, Terre Marsicane, Italy

“NOA touches the hearts of any public for whom she performs, even those unfamiliar with her music, with the strength of her voice and the profound humanity of her message.”

Riccardo Cavrioli, com, Italy

“NOA, boasts an amazing talent, characterized by an angelic and fairytale voice.”

Andrea Croxatto,, Italy

“NOA’s songs are always appreciated by fans thanks to her angelic voice and her magnetic presence on stage able to seduce even the most demanding listener”

Martí Ayats, El Punt Avuni, Spain

“As if they were the pieces of the headband that she wore on her forehead, NOA offered, on Sunday at the Cadaqués International Music Festival, twenty small jewels performed with virtuosity, elegance, delicacy and sensitivity. The Israeli singer and Gil Dor converted the Sa Conca auditorium into a goldsmith’s shop open to an audience who, in a privileged way, attended the craftmanship of a brilliant performance that lit the night of the town”.

Zoran Gojic, Münchner-Merkur Newspaper, Germany

“NOA is a phenomenon in all respects.
Her musicianship is a real event!
With her ethereal and powerful soprano she glides with ease through different idioms, always sounding completely at home, always being herself.
This women has got a powerful message , and an attitude”.

Dirk Hein ,, Germany

“NOA is thrilling!  Fans celebrate NOA for her musical diversity and her honesty, her love for life and humanity.  She fuses the seriousness of world of music with the rhythmic fluidity of modern pop, soul, swing and oriental vibes…she seems borderless….
NOA pays homage to the composer J.S.Bach ,  presenting almost unsingable complex works with unique arrangements and her own original lyrics.
The audience devours the concert, and the performers, with their soul.”

Mainz, RMZ, 07.05.2019, Germany

“To build bridges with the heart and a voice
Without missing one single note Not manages to transform Bach into touching Folksongs.
Noa convinces with heart and courage, a naked, unartificial voice and artistry without vanity“

Unter’m Radar, Berlin, 06.05.2019, Germany

“There are concerts that leave you with your mouth open.  When Achinoam Nini, here better known as Noa, finished her last
Encore and the applause faded away in Berlin’s Passionskirche, what was left was speechlessness. …
Considering the complexity and the speed of the melodies it is hard to believe that the voice of the artist in the live concert sounded exactly as on the recording. The concert seemed to suggest That Bach himself composed for Noa and her voice to begin with.“
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