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The Eyes of Love - Genes & Jeans

Words and music: Noa

Little girl so young and tender

braids are thrown upon her back

in the pages of her book the world is

white and black

She is wearing heavy glasses

far from who she dreamt to be

little one, her father tells her,

close your eyes and see…

The eyes of love

don’t know your name

don’t see the color of your skin

the eyes of love

don’t know where you’ve been

the eyes of love

don’t know your age

don’t see the lines you try to hide

the eye of love

see only what’s inside

Little girl has grown and flowered

glasses tiny, in her eyes

she can see a lot more clearly,

still at night she cries

Never happy with the mirror

she will shun all who adore

little one her father tells her

open up your door…

The eyes of love…

The light shining bright from your heart…

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