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Breathtaking Review of Noa’s Concert and New Album in Haaretz

Breathtaking review of Noa’s concert at the Tel Aviv Museum, and of her new album Love Medicine, in Haaretz today… the best review anyone could ever hope for!!!!:

The headline: “living up to expectations…she burns the Boycotts with the fire of her passion for music and rare creativity….with Noa every song is an event”

Article by Michael Handelzalts

Photo credit: Nahum Leder

Complete article in Hebrew on Haaretz website here and in English here

Some quotes (though the entire article is WOW):

“Noa has a rare and beautiful quality of voice, an incredible range, impressive technique… challenging herself and her musical collaborator gil dor, she lightly skips, undaunted, over the most complicated musical obstacles, with a little smile and a wave of her hand..”

“..and on top of it all she is an amazing performer, a real stage animal, erupting  with fire and hailstone, in her white and red dresses, living every moment of every song with every inch of her body and soul.”

“…I wish Noa many more years of doing what she does best, making magnificent music..i cannot think of a better gift than the one she gave to us, her incredible performance, which is really….love medicine.”


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