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Poland Loves Noa!

A few weeks ago, there was a truly amazing buzz about Noa in the Polish media after her concerts in Poland. Here are links to two local newspapers’ websites eGorzowska and Gorzow Gazeta which have published very nice articles about her.

In short, the first of the two wrote the following words:

Poland loves Noa!

“The authenticity and perfection made ​​the Noa concert the highlight of the festival. And if you add to thishuge emotion, which we experienced during the last encore, and the tears that emotion evoked, it must be said that the concert of Israeli singer NOA was what happens in contemporary culture increasingly rarerly – a true artistic catharsis”

See the full review: here: Noa in eGorzowska

and here’s the other great one: Noa in Gorzow Gazeta

Image credit: Agencja Gazeta


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