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The album “Calling” was written in a very tumultuous time in our lives, both internally and externally. The political situation in Israel was depressing and it seemed every effort to go in the direction of peace was constantly threatened. Exploding buses, national mourning, a terrible war in Bosnia and tragedy in Tibet..all these were inspiration for the songs we wrote during that time. Not to mention the painful yearnings of the heart.

Noa Calling Album Cover
Before “Calling”, I was writing mostly about the personal, the intimate. I was always looking inwards. “Calling” represents a break from that pattern, where my surroundings, the people and events around me, had a profound effect on my emotional infrastructure. I was concerned, involved, angry, hurt?I was taking the woes of the world onto my shoulders (as if my own weren?t enough) and channeling a lot of that emotion into songwriting. I say a lot and not all because there was still plenty left for social/political activity of all sorts which I became very involved in. The pinnacle of this activity was the famous rally, Nov. 4th 1995, when 500,000 people gathered in Tel-Aviv to support Yitzchak Rabin’s peace initiative. Gil, Zohar (our wonderful drummer) and I were performing at that rally and feeling high on waves of optimism and joy until two terrible gunshots changed us forever. Yitzchak Rabin was shot dead before the eyes of an entire, stunned nation, and nothing would ever be the same. I was heartbroken and miserable, but rather than sink into somber silence I chose to speak out and risk my career by making my views about peace very clear. I spoke impulsively and passionately, and did myself plenty of damage, but learned a lot about human nature. That painful time has left me with many scars, but I’ve become stronger and wiser as a result. Now, after those dark years have passed, I feel my reward is the hope and light we feel in Israel once again with the revival of the peace process.

I know many people found “Calling” difficult to swallow after the more tender, acoustic music we were making before. But for me, it was almost a declaration of independence, like saying: this is who I am and what I have to offer, honestly. My musical and lyrical considerations have always been purely artistic and emotional, true to myself first and foremost, for I believe I cannot expect or deserve anyone?s attention otherwise. In that sense, “Calling” was truly my ‘calling’, and is very dear to me to this day.

May 1996