N.O.A. (Not Only Achinoam)

Noa and the band by Yoav Etiel

Here are some of the wonderful people I have the pleasure and great fortune of working with…some of them have been with me since the last century!. 🙂

Picture above: Noa with Gil Dor, Gadi Seri and Adam Ben Ezra on stage at Zappa in 2014. Picture by Yoav Etiel

Gil Dor

Gil Dor – Musical Director
Gil dor has been my musical collaborator for the past 25 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) years! he is amazing, no less. The way he plays, writes, arranges, composes, accompanies me…it’s all sublime. But above all, the way he thinks, and his ablity to support, educate, enlighten and assist without judgment, with maximum care and friendship, is nothing less than miraculous. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths , and entwined fates, with so extraordinary a human as he is. Gil Dor’s Bio

Ofer Pezenson

Ofer Pezenson – Noa’s Manager

Ofer has been my manager for well over 20 years! He’s the captain.  Gil, Ofer and myself  operate like a family unit. Ofer may seem tough but he’s not….he has a lot of responsibility and has to deal with all the muck and slime of the industry, but deep down, he’s a really sweet and sensitive guy, with a big heart. and he’s a great manager.

Asher Bitansky

Asher Bitansky
Asher Bitansky was my manager, together with Ofer, for the first 17 years of my career. Ofer and Asher split a few years ago, but  we all remain good friend. Asher is unique in every way, he is talented and charismatic, a philosopher and innovator, a natural leader. Asher had a huge impact on the first years of my career, and continues to be my publisher, advisor and close friend to this day.

Moti Dichneh

Moti Dichneh and Noa



Moti is a great bass player and singer , but also a philosopher , comedian, japanophile and overall clever and wonderful guy. He is hands on with our site, Facebook, Headstart and so much more. Thanks moti!!!

Solis String Quartet

Solis String Quartet
The Solis String quartet are a truly fantastic and unique group of musicians. Working together since they were teenagers, they have developed a sound and style all their own. Gil and I have made a DVD and three albums with them, and they are featured on Love Medicine as well. We have played more than a hundred concerts together all over the world, sharing the stage with them is a pure joy, and we remain the closest of friends. Bravi ,Solis!

Ilan Mochiach
Ilan Mochiach, Noa and Gil Dor

Arranger and maestro Mochicach was my professor in Rimon (we didn’t get along too well back then, but now we’re buddies :-), together with Gil. He is undoubtedly one of the great masters of his time. Gil and I have had the great honor of  working with him on two albums, live with the IPO, and the Israel songbook, in addition to recordings like Beautiful that way. Ilan has  conducted dozens of symphonic concerts with us around the world, and never ceases to amaze us with his zany intelligence, eccentric humor, infinite knowledge and great talent.

Gai Joffe

Gai Joffe and Noa

Gai is Israel’s number one studio engineer, he has made almost all of my albums from the first day of my career! He  is soooo amazing.  He has  infinite patience, golden ears and a heart to match. he can work for hours on end , not noticing the time pass, drinking endless cups of cofee with four spoons of sugar (!!!) , perfecting the balance or the sound… its incredible. And he’s a man of the sea, sailing is his great passion. Gai is such a wonderful human being, i am so lucky!

Shai Even

Shai Even


Shai is such a brillant technician, he blows us away. he reads our minds, he’s fast and lightning,  accurate and thorough, sensitive and deep. Shai is a rare talent, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity of working with him.

Hila Dolgin

Hila Dolgin with Noa


Hila Dolgin, our new tour manager, is one of the sweetest, most loving, caring and professional people I have ever met. She is just amazing. so lucky to have her with us!.

Gadi Reik

Gadi Reik
Gadi has been our right hand man for more than 20 years, he is an extremely talented sound engineer and an overall genius. There is nothing that Gadi doesn’t know something about 🙂 especially music, but not only. Gadi is funny and wise and enormously entertaining, but above all, he is a wonderful professional , a huge asset to our production and a great friend.

Itzik Fried

Itzik Fried

Can anybody guess how old this man that resembles Brad Pitt is?? you can’t! 🙂 because he is ageless. his incredible smile and good energy keep him forever young. Itzik has been working with us from day one, he is an extraordinary sound engineer, all heart and ears and generosity of spirit. Itzik will always be there for you, he is so witty and creative, he’s fun to be with and he always puts a smile on my face. i love him so much. toda itzik!!

Paulo Vilares

Paulo Vilares


Paolo Vilares is a wonderful sound engineer, but he’s much more than that ; actually, he’s a great musician, guitarist and singer! If Gil and I ever feel a bit out of sorts, Paolo can replace us easily 🙂 there’s no problem Paolo can’t solve, with his eternal “I’m on it”… patient, calm and kindhearted, he’s a real gift. O brigado Paolo!

Florentijn Vandenbergh

Florentijn Vandenbergh with Mira Awad and Noa
Florentijn Vandenbergh is a magician with the lights, so sensitive and creative, but beyond that he is just a super wonderful human being. He is incredibly modest, dedicated, underspoken and sensitive, and he has a great team spirit. We are proud to work with Florentijn and even prouder to be his friend! (He also works at a school near his home in Belgium….lucky kids! ). Dank u well!!

Gur Ziv

Gur Ziv

Gur is quite a character. He is a visual designer, animator, lighting and creative developer, video artists, entertainment business entrepreneur ,sailor and aquarium builder (to name a few). But above all he is fiercely individual, wildly talented and unique in every way, with an insatiable appetite for life. The stage comes alive under his fingers.

Emilia Galindo

Emilia Galindo and Noa

Emilia is my great friend/fan/advisor/computer fiend/photographer/creator of Noa’s Museum/Spanish-Catalan translator, coach and Angel. And this has been going on forever. She is one of the most incredible people i have ever met. thank you Emi!!!

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Ronen Akerman

Ronen Akerman
Ronen Akerman has been my close friend for 24 years. He is an AMAZING photographer and an even more amazing human being. We have been through so much together, and every year I love and admire him more. Ronen is responsible for most of the gorgeous photos of me you see on this site….he makes me look much more beautiful than I am…because he photographs my soul, not my body. And behind his lens, I see clearly into his own beautiful soul. Thank you Ronen.

Michel Braunstein

Like Emilia, Michel does it all, translation, computers, advisory board, tech support, and underwater photography. Michel built this site! And took the shots for Love Medicine. He does it all with love, talent, patience and generosity that are boundless. Michel has been my close friend for more than 20 years, i consider him one of the great gifts life has given me. Besides, he is a Dolphin…and we all know, there’s nothing better 🙂