Noa Dor Four

Noa and her band during a concert in Zappa Photo: Yoav Etiel
Photo above by Yoav Etiel
Noa and Gil Dor's band include also Gadi Seri and Adam Ben Ezra
  • Gadi Seri and Roberto Mendes

    Gadi Seri

    GADI SERI, Born in 1965, is an active musician, playing percussion instruments, a teacher, composer, arranger and producer. He is one of the leading percussion players in the field, with a long and extensive career, which encircles a wide section in the branch of music …

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  • Adam Ben Ezra with contrabass

    Adam Ben Ezra

    There are musicians, and then there’s double bass phenomenon and YouTube sensation Adam Ben Ezra; a man seemingly on a mission to bring his instrument from its status as a background note to the dominant front-presence it deserves. Along the way Adam has been pushing …

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