Adam Ben Ezra

Adam Ben Ezra with contrabass

Adam Ben Ezra

There are musicians, and then there’s double bass phenomenon and YouTube sensation Adam Ben Ezra; a man seemingly on a mission to bring his instrument from its status as a background note to the dominant front-presence it deserves. Along the way Adam has been pushing his craft in new, exciting directions and carving out a unique spot for himself in today’s international musical landscape.

Adam Ben Ezra – Picture by Danielle Jadlyn

Adam began playing the violin at age five and picked up the guitar at age nine. In recent years he has added the Clarinet, Oud and Cajon to his arsenal, largely teaching himself each time. However, it was an introduction to the double bass at age 16 that truly changed his life, when he instantly fell in love with the instrument’s rich sound. During the years he has consciously added new colors to his palette, incorporating elements of Jazz, Latin and Mediterranean music into his playing.

Adam is part of a new breed of musicians using YouTube to promote his music and interact with fans. His unique visuals, evident sense of humor and impressive editing touch makes for the perfect visual companion, and to-date his videos have clocked millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers.

Adam Ben Ezra’s unique talent and superb musicianship makes him the ideal candidate to take an instrument that has been around for centuries and push it into the 21st century.